"Where I come from"

In this work Sayoko used her body for human printing.  She put Chinese black ink on her body and printed it on the wood.  Woodcarving and woodcut made of those woods were used as the art installation.  Through this work she expresses the beauty of real human body, birth and life, and also the pleasure of making love.


“Where I come from” は、Sayoko Hiranoが自身の身体に墨を塗り、トレースして制作された木版画と、その際に使われた版木から構成される。 


Where I come from

 2m x 2.5m x 2.7m

black ink and acrylics on carved wood & woodcut


Rivers in the body

Created at the FAAP Artist Residency in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (2015)

ブラジル・サンパウロ"FAAP Artist Residency"にて制作。

Rivers in the body

(each) 36” x 134” (90cm x 340cm) 

acrylics on Japanese paper