Live Painting 2018

2018.04  LOOPTOPIA MUSIC FESTIVAL @Pushin Ranch(Taoyuan/Taiwan)

Art & Performance team "P.A.D", directed by the live painter BOSS HIKO, was invited for the huge music festival "LOOPTOPIA"  in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

All art works were made from the abandoned woods and boards by improvisational ideas of the P.A.D. artists.  This project was done as a memorial for the victims of East Taiwan earthquake occurred in January 2018.



Art works of Sayoko

Art Works of  P.A.D. artists

2018.01  Fun International Art Fair 2018 @Taipei World Trade Center

Sayoko was invited as a representative artist of Japan with the art & performance team P.A.D. members (directed by BOSS HIKO).

台北のアートフェアに日本代表として主賓で招待されました。Sayoko Hiranoならびに自身も所属する”P.A.D.” (菩須彦氏がディレクターを務めるアート&パフォーマンス・チーム) が、二日間に渡りメインステージでパフォーマンスを披露。


canvas : 94" x 142" (240cm x 360cm)

time: 30mins

collaboration with: Chiaki (dance), Tsubasa Kondo (Buto performance), Sara Sawati (dance), Naoko Kitamura (paint), Yukako Hashiguchi (paint)