Wood Carving / Woodcut


"ORIGIN" is Sayoko's most representative series of works.  Through this series she keeps on expressing the beauty of powerful energy of life.

The works are made by painting lines and carving it on wood, which is very unique technique to her.  The carved parts are not painted by any paints. Glossy contrasts of the red and natural surface of wood make the work look as if it is pulsing.

“ORIGIN”は、Sayoko Hiranoの創作テーマである「生命力」を最もストレートに表現した、自身の代表作品群。赤く凹凸のある線は血や生き物、うねる植物のようにも見え、脈々とした世界観を描き出す。彫り出した木の部分には彩色をしておらず、木のそのままの色が、鮮やかな赤とのコントラストを織りなす。Sayoko Hirano特有の技法により、艶があり生々しいマチエールが創り出される。

Wood carving (木彫)

The work "I minus You" consists of two parts; carved wood (left) and woodcut printed by it (right). 

"I minus You"は、版木と版画が組み合わさって初めてひとつの作品になる


In this series Sayoko focuses on embodying the pleasure of making love with someone, which she considers it the crucial origin of life.


"Euphoria" は「官能」を意味し、エロティシズムは生命の根源と考え、神秘的な官能の瞬間に焦点をあて制作した作品群。

"Som de Vida"

In the "Som de Vida" series Sayoko purely expresses her love and respect for the nature. All colors and lines are improvisational. "Som de Vida" is Portuguese which means "Sound of life". Literally these works are like Sayoko's paean for the nature and life.

"Som de Vida" (ポルトガル語で「命の音」) というタイトルが意味する通り、この作品群は命の自然への賛歌のようなものであり、すべて即興で制作されている。

Woodcut printings (木版画)

Woodcut printings, called Mokuhanga in Japanese, is a traditional Japanese technique which had been used to make theater posters in the old period.

Sayoko used this technique for her art in her early careers during 2009-2011.


"O país de vida"

"O país de vida" is Portuguese which means "The country of the life."

Sayoko fell in love with the energetic and dynamic vibes in Brazil when she stayed there for artist in residence program. These works were created with the inspiration of it during her stay in Brazil, using Brazilian indian inks and woods.