I'm strongly attracted by energy of life 

that cannot be explained by words,

or cannot be convinced by reason.


Every life in the world

has those curious elements

in their deep inside.


Something organic, energetic and powerful 

Those are the things that I want to express

and that I want to cherish in my life.







     My art works consist of a certain concept: "energy of life."  


     I believe every life in this world has primitive, organic, and impulsive elements in their deep inside.  We human beings are the same; although we think by our brain, we cannot control everything in ourselves.  One's impulse and instinct often play more important roles than one's reasons in life.  


     No matter how much technologies are developed, we are still human, not robot.  We are not perfect, but always imperfect.  I feel this is the most beautiful part of human beings and I just love it.  Keeping on living a daily life is often tough, but "being alive" is simply precious.  It will be great if my art works would present opportunities for people to realize it again, no matter when and where they live.  


     As an artist I would like to face this universal concept as long as I live, and would like to dedicate my life to leave art which means life to me in this world.